Biblical Catholicism

"The Catholic Mary": Quite Contrary to the Bible?


The theology and beliefs concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus, have long been a contentious issue between Catholics and Protestants. The latter often maintain that "the Catholic Mary" is a corruption of the true biblical Mary: the humble and lowly handmaiden. 

Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong shows how the "Catholic" and the "biblical" Mary are indeed one and the same. 

Tackling controversial topics such as Mary's Immaculate Conception, Assumption, and perpetual virginity, asking Mary to intercede, the Rosary, the flowery and seemingly excessive devotional language of the saints, and Mary as a distributor of God's grace and salvation (just as St. Paul and indeed all of us are intended to be), Armstrong provides biblical and rational support for all Catholic Marian beliefs and practices: making them accessible, understandable, and able to be espoused by all who accept the inspiration of the Bible. 

Front cover image: Leonardo da Vinci: "Virgin of the Rocks" (1486). Front cover designed by Dave and Judy Armstrong.


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