Biblical Catholicism

The “Catholic” Luther : An Ecumenical Collection of His “Traditional” Utterances


My goal in the present volume is to give “balance” and greater overall accuracy to the Catholic treatment of Luther. He obviously wrote a lot of things that Catholics vigorously disagree with. I have dealt at length with those, elsewhere. But if we are to fully understand him, we also need to discover the orthodox and traditional aspects of his teaching (from the Catholic point of view). We owe it to Luther, to present his views in their fullness and broadness; in their totality. I shall be citing the portions of Luther's writings that Catholics would agree with. The ecumenical endeavor is devoted to finding things that Christians have in common. This book will do exactly that. If I can persuade a few people that Catholics and Lutherans have more in common than either side (for the most part) imagined, I'll be more than happy and fulfilled, having accomplished my goal. The topics are divided into nine broad sections and 113 individual categories, and arranged chronologically within each category.