Biblical Catholicism

Radio Teaching on Jehovah's Witnesses, as an Evangelical (11-3-89)


48 minutes. I was on the great evangelical station in metro Detroit, WMUZ-FM (103.5), this night, to teach about the errors of Jehovah's Witnesses, with Pastor Emery Moss, who was then assisting Pastor George Bogle (who also has done a lot of Christian radio through the years). The show was called Evangel Echoes. Studying this cult / sect was one of my very first major apologetics research projects, undertaken from 1981-1983. I put together a lengthy paper based on that research, which remains on my blog to this day. I drew from that in this interview, which was my first full-length one, as a featured "guest." It may be of particular interest now,  in order to show how I functioned and thought as a Protestant apologist. With regard to this topic, virtually none of my opinions would have changed as a result of becoming Catholic; thus, I could pretty much do the same talk today as I did almost 25 years ago. We had some fun, rather colorful callers near the end (Pastor Moss and I were chuckling about it, silently).