Biblical Catholicism

Pro-Life Rescue Call-In (11-14-88)


13 minutes; I'm on the first seven minutes. I was an evangelical Protestant at this time, and a campus missionary. In 1982 I had attended a pro-life conference at my church, called Shalom House (non-denominational, "Jesus People"-type church), and it revolutionized my thinking about abortion. Previously I had been on the fence, but knew that I had to further study the issue. In 1988 Operation Rescue became known nationally, and was spreading.  The idea was to block the doors of abortion mills, in order to rescue babies about to be murdered. It was civil disobedience, akin to the civil rights movement, on behalf of the smallest and most defenseless among us. We called it "biblical obedience." I had just participated in my first rescue in Livonia, Michigan: a suburb of Detroit, on 11-12-88, and was arrested. Over the next two years I participated in about 25 rescues, was arrested five times and went through three trials: in one the charge was dismissed, in the second we were acquitted, and the third (where I gave a little speech, saying that even the pagan Greek Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was pro-life) ended with a conviction and sentence of one week. It turned out to be one night of revival with some great Christian friends, and out in the morning. The first rescue in particular was perhaps the most profound spiritual experience I had ever had (maybe still to this day), and I wanted to share it with the radio audience of a local evangelical radio show. It was called Love Talks, hosted by Foster Braun, broadcast by WCM 990 AM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Rescues indirectly led me to the Catholic Church, because I met "on-fire" Catholics who could explain and defend their faith. I invited two of them to my ecumenical group discussions in early 1990 and by October of that year was persuaded of the truthfulness of Catholicism, and was received into the Church in February 1991 by Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.: with my wife Judy returning to it on the same day. I've never had one second's regret since. Note: in the photograph I'm on the left, just a few persons in, with dark glasses, sitting next to my wife, who has curly hair and a beige hat on.