Biblical Catholicism

Martin Luther: Catholic Critical Analysis and Praise


The views set forth here are certainly one-sided, and purposely so, in order to form a conscious counter-argument to the accepted Protestant “mythology,” so to speak, of Martin Luther. 

His many commendable qualities are well covered in any Protestant biography (and some can be rightly classified as virtual “hagiographies”). The full, multi-faceted, complex truth concerning important historical figures is invariably more fascinating than the usual myths that circulate about. 

I aim to present Luther as he was: no more, no less: as fairly as I can, but “warts and all,” too. I do not regard Luther (like many Catholic biographers and critics throughout history) as an essentially “evil” or “bad” man. I don’t deny his good intentions and sincerity at all. 

Part Two: the “praise” section of this book, runs 83 pages, or about 34% of all the material from Chapter One to the Bibliography.


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