Biblical Catholicism

Interview with Al Kresta About My Conversion Story (9-8-97)


28 minutes; in-studio interview. I've known Al since 1982. He was actually my pastor for a while; likes apologetics as I do (has written several books on the topic), was involved in the Pro-Life rescues when I was; we've done street witnessing in Ann Arbor together, and his and mine were the last two conversion stories in the bestseller, Surprised by Truth (edited by Patrick Madrid, 1994). He returned to the Catholic Church a year or two after I was received, and I transcribed a marvelous talk he gave in my home, about his odyssey. I also have prepared a transcription of this radio interview. I regard him as the best interviewer on the planet, so that ability, plus the fact that we are longtime friends, makes for fun and "meaty" interviews. This is my first of four appearances on his radio show (called The Al Kresta Show Live in those days).