Biblical Catholicism

Debating James White: Shocking Failures of the "Undefeatable" Anti-Catholic Champion


The anti-Catholic is one who thinks that Catholicism is not a Christian system of theology and that to be a good Christian and get saved, one must be a bad Catholic; that is, reject several tenets of Catholicism. James White (Reformed Baptist) is the leading and most influential anti-Catholic today. He specializes in debates, preferring moderated oral debates. I prefer written debate. This book features twelve back-and-forth debates with James White and also critiques or refutations of his writings. For those who agree with me that written, back-and-forth, substantive exchanges are worthy of the name “debate,” this book will be a (hopefully helpful) close examination of the flawed theology of James White and his critiques of Catholicism. I'm happy, as always, to present both sides and let the reader judge. This is the beauty of dialogue. Readers may take in the arguments and data of both proponents in a dispute and exercise critical faculties in order to decide where the truth is to be found.


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