Biblical Catholicism

"Catholic Answers Live": "Why we Need More than the Bible" (10-10-03)


55 minutes. This was back when Jerry Usher was the host. The topic is the Protestant rule of faith, or sola Scriptura: i.e., is the Bible the only infallible authority in Christianity? I consider this show the pinnacle of radio Catholic apologetics, so it was a great honor to be on it. Jerry wrote me a very kind letter afterwards: "You did a terrific job. I could tell by the response from our listeners that they benefited from the program. May the Lord continue to bless you and the fine work you're doing." About 21 minutes in, we took calls. That's a national audience, with no preparation or knowledge of questions to be received, and no "veto power" to turn down calls, so it was quite a challenge. I loved every minute of it!