Biblical Catholicism

Al Kresta Interview: Conversion and Launching This Booksite (4-14-14)


39 minutes (starts about 20 minutes into the audio file). This is my fourth appearance on Kresta in the Afternoon. With this one I deliberately tried very hard to be my "normal self"; which means lighthearted, humorous, informal, unassuming, sometimes witty, and easy-going. I think I succeeded. It's always easy to do interviews with Al, because he's so good at what he does, and also an old friend. I was very pleased with the interview (whereas usually I think I did merely "okay"), and my wife Judy said "it just sounded like old friends sitting around a fire talking about theology." And so it did. If you want to see "what I am like" in person, this interview is the place to start. What you hear is what you get. I'm just a big harmless teddy bear. :-) But I do have ideas and beliefs that I strongly hold to, and defend, and try to persuade folks to accept (hopefully in a non-threatening, friendly, gentle manner).