Biblical Catholicism

Dave Armstrong is a Catholic apologist and author (convert from evangelical Protestantism in 1991). His conversion story is in Surprised by Truth (1994). He's been published in The Catholic AnswerThis RockEnvoy, and other periodicals. Dave's many radio appearances include Catholic Answers Live, Kresta in the Afternoon, and Faith & Family Live.

His website / blog, Biblical Evidence for Catholicism has been online since February 1997, and contains more than 2500 papers (including 50+ separate web pages and 625+ dialogues). Sophia Institute Press has published five of his 45 books: A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (2003), The Catholic Verses (2004), The One-Minute Apologist (2007), Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths (2009), and The Quotable Newman (editor: 2012).

Dave was the co-author (with Dr. Paul Thigpen) of The New Catholic Answer Bible (Our Sunday Visitor: 2005), and editor for The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton: The Very Best Quotes, Quips, and Cracks from the Pen of G. K. Chesterton (Saint Benedict Press / TAN Books: 2009) and author of 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura (Catholic Answers, 2012). Beacon Hill Press published a book he edited, The Quotable Wesley, in April 2014.

He has been happily married to Judy since October 1984; they have three sons and a daughter and reside in metro Detroit.