Biblical Catholicism

Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin


In many ways, John Calvin (1509-1564) has shaped the subsequent history of Protestantism even more than Martin Luther himself. 

Book IV of John Calvin's monumentally influential work of systematic theology, "Institutes of the Christian Religion" ("Of the Holy Catholic Church") gets to the heart of the disagreement between Catholics and Protestants. 

The present work is an in-depth critique of the major themes of this portion, from a biblical and Catholic perspective (hence the title). The back-and-forth, socratic nature of this volume allows the reader to consider Calvin’s arguments and then ponder orthodox Catholic replies to them, in order to decide which are more plausible; which have a “ring of truth” to them. 

The goal of this volume is to concentrate on rational arguments from Scripture and history. Also included are 66 "ecumenical" pages detailing where Catholics and Calvin (and Calvinists) can agree (surprisingly, on a great many things).


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