Biblical Catholicism

Mere Christian Apologetics


Basic Christian apologetics, designed for general Christian consumption and Christians of all stripes. 

Table of Contents:

1. Why Believe in Christianity? 

2. Why Believe the Bible?: Archaeological, Prophetic, and Manuscript Evidences 

3. An Introduction to Bible Interpretation 

4. The Biblical Basis for Apologetics, or Defense of the Christian Faith 

5. Miracles, Skepticism, and the Historicity and Believability of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 

6. Jesus is God: Biblical Proofs 

7. The Holy Trinity: Biblical Proofs 

8. God, Morality, Free Will, and Reason 

9. The Biblical Evidence for an Eternal Hell 

10. Reasons for Suffering and Encouragement and Hope in the Midst of It: A Biblical Compendium

Paperback: [$14.95]