Biblical Catholicism

Biblical Catholic Eucharistic Theology


Catholic apologist and prolific author Dave Armstrong has compiled his writing on the Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass, from 15 years of Internet dialogues, into a Scripture-packed 23 chapters and 222 pages.

Among the topics covered are: 1) the special presence of God in physical objects prior to the incarnation, 2) comparison of the indwelling and the Real Presence, 3) doubting disciples in the eucharistic discourse of John 6, 4) exclusion of non-Catholics from Catholic communion, 5) St. Augustine's and John Calvin's views, 6) the Church fathers on the Sacrifice of the Mass, 7) St. Paul's "priestly" references, 8) biblical, analogical arguments for the Sacrifice of the Mass, 9) the Protestant "idolatry" accusation, and 10) biblical evidence for wholehearted formal, liturgical worship.

The facts of Church history are also examined in depth, with much corroboration from Protestant scholarly sources.


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