Biblical Catholicism

Footsteps that Echo Forever: My Holy Land Pilgrimage


This book was designed to have many different aspects, all woven together into a type of “adventure narrative” or spiritual odyssey. It's a firsthand report of what I felt like as I traveled to all these holy sites in Israel. That is the traditional pilgrimage account or, if you will, a diary. I wrote at the end of almost every day in my hotel: recording my thoughts and feelings in a spontaneous manner.

Two other elements are more directly “apologetic” and draw upon my more usual writing styles and goals (what my readers usually expect from me). I detail some of the exciting archaeological discoveries that have been occurring in Israel and Jordan, and almost literally revolutionizing the increasingly secular, non-believing field of biblical archaeology (at least for those willing to see).

I also utilize scriptural references to relate the places we visited to biblical history; along with the occasional exposition of the text. These, then, to summarize, are the four elements that make up this book:

1) The pilgrimage and spiritual journey, written about in a very personal way: how I felt, what I (and others) experienced; firsthand descriptions and impressions of these holy sites.

2) Survey of archaeological findings and their significance.

3) Citing of related Scripture, with occasional exposition.

4) A running narrative, tying it all together as an exciting journey or odyssey; an adventure.

Whether you are never able to travel to the Holy Land or have been there, or plan to go in the future, my goal is to make this pilgrimage come alive for you: so that you can experience it vicariously (somewhat like watching a movie and becoming engrossed in it), and to educate the reader about the cutting-edge archaeological discoveries that are taking place.