Biblical Catholicism

Biblical Evidence for the Communion of Saints


This volume consists entirely of papers, essays, and dialogues originally posted on my website and blog (both named "Biblical Evidence for Catholicism"): written between 1995 and 2011. These have been edited, revised, and combined in various ways, in order to clarify the thoughts and eliminate repetition. Most of the queries that I originally responded to came from our Protestant brethren in Christ. These occurrences afforded me the opportunity to defend and clarify what Catholics believe with regard to the communion of saints, why we do, and to demonstrate that Catholic beliefs are in harmony with Holy Scripture. Many topics are covered in the 21 chapters, including the invocation, intercession, and veneration of saints and angels, images, idolatry, relics, purgatory, prayer for the dead, and "controversial" devotional practices. It is my sincere hope and prayer that my own ruminations along these lines may be of some benefit to others, and both edifying and educational.


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