Biblical Catholicism

Cardinal Newman: Q & A in Theology, Church History, and Conversion


Cardinal Newman stated “I am not a theologian” many times in his letters. In the strict “academic” or “scholarly” sense, indeed he was not. Yet in another broader sense, he certainly was one. In any event, he wrote exquisitely on theology. His personal letters were "popular" and non-technical. In effect, here he becomes a catechist and apologist. Scholars write to and for other scholars, whereas Catholic catechists, apologists, and evangelists try to reach the masses (and Catholics) with the good news of the glorious fullness of the Catholic Christian faith. Moreover, in Cardinal Newman's writing we find extraordinary prose: a feast of 19th century eloquent English style; and we encounter a saintly man. My goal is to create almost a “systematic theology” from Cardinal Newman, by use of many topical categories. This volume may be of particular usefulness for possible converts, as well as Catholics seeking to revive an uncertain or tentative personal Catholic faith. There is much precious treasure here.