Biblical Catholicism

Twin Scourges: Thoughts on Anti-Catholicism and Theological Liberalism


Table of Contents: 

I General Observations 

II Martin Luther 

III Is All Opposition to Catholicism "Anti-Catholicism"? 

IV Protestantism is Christian & Catholicism is Not? 

V The Gospel & Faith and Works 

VI "Debates" & "Dialogues" with Anti-Catholics 

VII Does the Term "Anti-Catholic" Involve a Double Standard? 

VIII Towards a Psychology of Anti-Catholicism 

IX Anti-Sacramentalism 

X Heterodox Catholics & Liberal Protestants 

XI Nominal, Ignorant, and Sinful Catholics 

XII Practical Problems Due to the Modernist Crisis 

Appendix 1: Martin Luther's Anti-Catholic Statements 

Appendix 2: G.K. Chesterton on Anti-Catholicism 

Appendix 3: John Henry Cardinal Newman on Anti-Catholicism 

Appendix 4: Use of the Term "Anti-Catholicism" in Non-Catholic Scholarly Circles 

Appendix 5: John Henry Cardinal Newman on Theological Liberalism 

Appendix 6: Catholic Encyclopedia (1913): "Modernism"


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