Biblical Catholicism

25 Years of Radio Interviews (Free of Charge)

I've done over twenty radio interviews through the years: since 1988. I'm not as polished or "smooth" as the "professionals" who do radio a lot (some of them on a daily basis), but I think I get my point across, have something of value to share, offer substance, and food for thought. If you'd like to get to know me better as a person, give a listen. Many people have said they received a very different impression of me by listening to me on the radio, or meeting me in person. The nature of apologetic writing seems to lend itself to folks assuming that we apologists are hard-nosed, ultra-serious, stern taskmasters. My own personality is about as far from that as imaginable! I'd like to think of myself as a "man of ideas," but I try my utmost not to force those ideas on anyone in an offensive way. I seek to persuade in as friendly a manner as I can. And that goal or approach is more apparent, I think, in my relatively few interviews (I rarely ever do talks in person), than in my writing, which can't convey "the whole person" as well as a person talking can.