Biblical Catholicism

Interview with Jimmy Akin About Sola Scriptura (April 2012)


43-minute interview with the great apologist from Catholic Answers and my friend, Jimmy Akin. This was originally offered exclusively along with autographed copies of my book, 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura: published by Catholic Answers in May 2012, to those who sent a donation to that excellent apostolate. It's somewhat unique in that it's one Catholic apologist interviewing another, and in some ways is almost like the "shop talk" that apologists do amongst themselves. But it is an interview, with probing, challenging questions from Jimmy. I held my own, I think, but in terms of ability to do this sort of thing, Jimmy is far more polished and professional-sounding. He sounds like a DJ. I sound like some guy dragged off the street. :-)