Biblical Catholicism

Interview with Al Kresta on "The Catholic Answer Bible" (4-2-04)


22 minutes. I wrote the "inserts" for this 2002 work (my name was never mentioned in it! - but was in the expanded later 2005 version), published by Our Sunday Visitor. I now offer the notes alone for sale on this site. Readers may see the 44 topics on the book page for this work. Each is a one-page treatment of an apologetics issue that often comes up when folks question Catholics. I provide reasoned analysis, Scripture support, and Catechism references. It was my third appearance on Al's show, and he's an old friend, going way back to 1982. We hit several of the subjects in a fun, wide-ranging interview. I believe I was in the Ave Maria Radio studio in Ann Arbor this time, too, rather than on the phone.