Biblical Catholicism

Protestantism: Critical Reflections of an Ecumenical Catholic


Table of Contents: 

Dedication Introduction 

I Sola Scriptura: The Bible as Ultimate Authority 

II Doctrinal Diversity and the Invisible Church 

III The "Pure" Church, Devoid of Sinners 

IV Private Judgment 

V Church History 

VI The Perspicuity (Clearness) of Scripture 

VII Predestination, Calvinism, and Arminianism 

VIII "Dead" Catholics and Rituals, Etc. 

IX Martin Luther and Protestant Origins 

X Faith and Works 

Appendix 1 John Calvin on Protestant Divisions 

Appendix 2 The Agony of Luther, Melanchthon, and Bucer Over the State of Early Protestantism 

Appendix 3 Luther's Assertions of His Own Authority 

Appendix 4 Erasmus on Luther and Protestantism, and Luther on Erasmus 

Appendix 5 John Henry Newman on Protestantism 

Apostolical Tradition, 1836 
On the Abuse of Private Judgment, 1837 
Private Judgment, 1841 
St. Athanasius' Rule of Faith, 1844 
Faith and Private Judgment, 1849


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